An Office Boy Become A Millionaire After Purchasing A Bottle Of Water In UAE

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An office Boy residing in Abu Dhabi for the last eight years has become a millionaire after purchasing a bottle of Mehzooz water. Mahzooz water company conducts a live draw every Saturday.

A boy named Mekgh purchased the bottle of Mehzooz just before the live draw on Saturday. Mekgh, who has won AED 1 million, nearly Pakistani 7.5 crore, could not check the results alone. As per Mekgh, he was busy running errands. However, one of his friends made him a call and informed him about hitting the jackpot.

I couldn’t check the results on Saturday because I was running errands, so I received a phone call from a friend telling me I had won,” the Nepalese expat said.
“I did not believe my friend, so I checked my Mahzooz account and the draw’s Youtube video showing my name and raffle ID number.”

Mahzooz Water

Mekgh, who works in a private firm, is Mahzooz’s fourth Nepalese millionaire, following Bharat. The lucky draw’s first Nepalese millionaire won a noble prize of Dh 10 million in 2022, Padam won Dh 20 million, and Surya won Dh 1 million the current year.

Initially, Mekgh did not believe he had won such a grand prize; therefore, he verified the news by checking Mahzooz’s account and watching the live draw video on YouTube, where he saw his name and raffle ID. Then he believed that he had won the prize.

With his million-dirham victory, a 45-year-old father of two kids revealed his plans and how he will utilize the amount. He has plans to secure his children’s future, build a home and start a small business in his home country.

“I plan to use this win to secure my children’s future, build a home, and possibly start a small business enterprise back home in Nepal,” Mekgh said.
Anyone can avail of the opportunity and try their luck by purchasing a bottle of Mahzooz water for just Dh35. This makes the stage person eligible to enter the weekly draw every Saturday for a chance to win the new top prize of Dh20 million and the weekly raffle draw. The weekly draw 100% grants a guaranteed Dh 1 million to a lucky participant.

Mahzooz rewarded 1 119 participants this Saturday with Dh 475,500 in the latest draw.
Mahzooz (Mahzooz Emirates Loto) holds two weekly live draws, a raffle, and a grand draw. At the same time, Mahzooz offers potential life-changing to its participants. Thai lucky draw is a win-win opportunity and focuses heavily on giving back to needy people within the region’s communities.

To avail of the opportunity, the steps are pretty easy to follow. You must create a new account or access the existing one on the official Mahzooz website. Click on “Play” and select “Buy Now.”

Select the number of water bottles you want to donate and click the “add to cart” tab. Each bottle costs AED 35 and makes you eligible for one line on Raffle Draw and one in the Grand Draw.

Alas, one can submit multiple entries for draws by buying various products.

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