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Android 12 Uses An iPhone Feature For Its Own Interface, Copying Apple?

Written by Usman Aslam ·  53 sec read >

As Apple had introduced a feature for iOS 14 which was primarily focused on user privacy, it seems like Google has decided to sort of ‘copy paste’ the same feature for Android 12. This feature basically included a notification pop-up for when a user’s microphone, location, camera, or clipboard was being accessed by applications.

This is based on a new leak that states that Android 12 may have the same features as its rival iOS 14. According to the source XDADevelopers, they had used an unreleased version of Android 12 and noticed that the upcoming features are similar to the iPhone features. This includes a few screenshots by XDADevelopers.

According to the leak, users may receive enhanced privacy controls which will include ‘show clipboard access’ toggle in the privacy settings. When this feature is enabled, you will be able to know which app is accessing your clipboard. The main difference is that these notifications will appear on top of your keyboard in Android while the notifications appear at the top in iOS.

Another feature is primarily where you can give apps an approximate location instead of your exact location if it is requested by the app. In a nutshell, users can give whatever their location is or what they probably think is and can even choose to let the app automatically decide.

So far these were the features that were uncovered. However, more is still yet to come in the upcoming weeks as we slowly get nearer to the full release of Android 12.

Written by Usman Aslam
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