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Google Is Making Privacy Difficult For Smartphone Users, A U-Turn On Google’s Privacy Mission?

According to a few unredacted documents, it was revealed that Google’s engineers and executives were aware that the company...

Jun 1 · >

Google Launches New Tracker That Saves Browsing History And Blocks Third Party Cookies

Google is officially changing the way things work by taking the step of blocking third-party cookies on its web...

Apr 23 · >

Android 12 Uses An iPhone Feature For Its Own Interface, Copying Apple?

As Apple had introduced a feature for iOS 14 which was primarily focused on user privacy, it seems like...

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Apr 16 · >

Mark Zuckerberg Uses Signal Over WhatsApp; Safer Option?

With Mark Zuckerberg’s data leaked, as a result of the recent 533 million user data leakage, it was discovered...

Apr 7 · >

WhatsApp currently working on password-protected encrypted chat backups

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new way method of enhancing user security through the addition of new password...

Mar 9 · >

Facebook launches new ad campaign to convince iPhone users to enable ad tracking

In order to ensure more user security and privacy, Apple had introduced its new privacy updates which forced all...

Feb 26 · >

Here’s why you should stop using Facebook Messenger

Hint: It has to do with something called “privacy”. You might be perfectly aware of it, or you might...

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Oct 26 · >

Instagram to give users more control over personal data shared with third-party apps

As the world screams itself hoarse over the flimsy commitment of social media powerhouses to user privacy and data...

Oct 16 · >