Apple AirPods won’t stop working even if you swallow them

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Perhaps AirPods are water resistant to an extent that they will work even after coming straight out of p*op.

A new report reveals that a man in Taiwan who accidentally swallowed an Apple AirPod during his sleep, got a big surprise after it passed through his digestive system and was retrieved at a later stage in a working condition.

Taiwanese man named Ben Hsu reportedly fell asleep with both AirPods in his ears, but could only find one when he woke up. While he was unable to locate the gadget at first, though a tracking feature ‘Find My Airpods’ tracked them down through his iPhone. The feature indicated that they are in the same room. At this point, he probably realized that he had swallowed the wireless earbud.

As he explained; “The map showed that my AirPod was at home, and I could hear the ‘beep, beep’ sound, which seemed to follow me around the room. But I checked under my blanket and looked around but couldn’t find it – then I realized the sound was coming from my stomach!”

Later on, he went to the hospital where an X-ray revealed that the AirPod was indeed in his stomach. Although Hsu was not experiencing any pain, Doctors gave him a laxative and he passed the earphone the next day in a railway station toilet.

The missing AirPod after a gross search was finally recovered from his po*p. After washing and drying the device he was stunned to discover that it still worked. At that time, his AirPod’s battery was still at 41 percent and they were working just fine, meaning that Apple’s innovative wireless earbuds are water resistant and durable even for a unique scenario like this.

Apple launched its AirPods in 2016 and the product has been a great success for the Cupertino tech giant. There have been rumors that Apple may launch the third-generation AirPods in the third quarter of this year.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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