Apple faces lawsuit over confirming that it reduces iPhone’s performance as the battery ages

Written by Sajeel Syed ·  1 min read >

Yesterday, Apple admitted that it has been reducing iPhone’s performance as the iPhones’ batteries get old and worn. The tech giant would have thought that users will let it go easily, but this isn’t the case. Slowing old iPhones is not bearable for a person in California. Apple has been hit with a first class action lawsuit in Los Angeles, California, alleging Apple’s battery saving “feature” is causing users to suffer the value of older devices.

The lawsuit has been filled by litigant Stephan Bodganovich and is primarily focused on iPhone 7. iPhone 7 has been recently updated with battery performance balancing feature, which is disturbing for many users.

The litigant has a point of view that Apple’s decision of slowing older iPhones to preserve battery health, was “never requested or agreed upon” by the company. Interestingly, he also alleges that Apple is using the feature of reducing the performance of the old iPhones so that users may upgrade to a new device every year.

Another report from Chicago‘s local media outlet has surfaced, according to which Apple has faced another federal lawsuit in Chicago by 5 consumers. The lawsuit alleges tech giant for “deceptive, immoral and unethical” practices that violate consumer protection law. The litigants claim that Apple has slowed down their older iPhone models with software updates in order to improve battery life.

The users from different states of the US are reporting this issue and are likely to become part of this lawsuit. The affected iPhone models which are facing low-performance issues includes iPhone 5, iPhone 6/6S and iPhone 7.

The litigants are seeking damages payments to affected users. In addition, they also want Apple to work on that issue and stop doing this practice in future.

Just for a quick recall, the issue was raised a couple of days ago when Geekbench founder, John Poole indicated that Apple reduces the speed of the processors in iPhones with old and worn batteries, via software updates. which makes their performance slow. As for now, the lawsuits have been filled so the results remain to be seen. 

Written by Sajeel Syed
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