Apple releases public beta version for macOS High Sierra

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June 30, 2017
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Apple releases updates for its macOS users from time to time. Apple has pushed a new update for its macOS comprising of a lot of enhancements and features. The new updates, still public beta version, are dubbed as macOS High Sierra. The version was announced back at Apple’s WWDC 2017.

The new update will enhance the overall performance of video encoding and will also improve the graphics. Moreover, Apple has also optimized its browser Safari, which now halts auto-play videos. User Interface (UI) has also been revamped.

New macOS High Sierra houses a Metal 2 graphics API, which supports VR. The photo app is also being embedded with good upgrades such as neural networks capable of identifying faces in the picture. The company is planning to launch the official version of this latest macOS High Sierra in near future.

Readers can sign up here to use Apple’s public beta version for macOS High Sierra.

This year has so far been good for Apple as the company not only gave many updates to its users but also became a hot platform for users on other mobile operating systems.

Apple has also rolled out an update for its App Store allowing users to discover app and games more easily. This update is also bundled with other features including Today tabs, App Product Pages, and In-App purchases.

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