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Apple reportedly had to make a tough call in choosing between a 120Hz display and 5G for its iPhone 12s – they chose 5G

Written by Hamnah Khalid ·  1 min read >

The iPhone 12, set to officially release later today, has had many renders of the device leaked on the internet. We’ve all heard rumours and questions have been raised all around as to whether Apple’s new devices will contain the hot, new features trending in the market right now; feature such as a 120 Hz display refresh rate and 5G cellular connectivity. As off right now, mere hours away from the launch, a common consensus suggests that Apple has given up a 120 Hz display refresh rate for 5G connectivity on their new iPhone 12 line-up.

Jon Prosser, a tech analyst, says that Apple faced a difficult decision when deciding between two power-hungry features; they could have added a 120 Hz refresh rate like the latest Samsung’s, the OnePlus’s, and the many other devices out there, or 5G connectivity, which is much faster than 4G and will probably dominate the market as of next year. 120 Hz is more than the standard 60 Hz and therefore would consume more power just as 5G would consume more power than its predecessor, 4G.

In the end, Apple (reportedly) made the tough decision of including 5G connectivity and not the higher refresh rate; the inclusion of both would reportedly have been deadly for the devices’ battery.

According to Jon Prosser, marketing a 5G-enabled device is easier than marketing one with a higher refresh rate:

Tech Analysts everywhere, however, are predicting a device equipped with both these features in the near future- possibly as soon as next year. These features might possibly be more power efficient by then and will therefore go easy on device batteries everywhere.

Although these rumours seem concrete, a final specifications sheet on the iPhone 12 line-up is yet to be revealed. Consumers and enthusiasts everywhere must, unfortunately, wait a couple more hours for those.

Source: GSMArena