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Apple Watches May Have a Camera in the Future

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Apple Watches
Apple just recently filed a patent (US-11571048-B1) for an Apple Watch strap that could contain a camera

Imagine an Apple Watch with a camera at its back, sounds pretty cool right? Well, we might just see one in the future.

According to recent findings, Apple just went ahead and filed a patent (US-11571048-B1) for an Apple Watch strap that could contain a camera. This patented watch strap mechanism will allow Apple to include a built-in camera with Apple watches.

The news was first aired by Patently Apple, which is an Apple inc. focused blog that brings in the latest news about any new patents filed by Apple.

Patently Apple described the patented watch strap containing two segments alongside a nest section.

Containing two segments, this strap will allow users to easily detach the watch from the strap and use it separately, which will probably happen when the user wants to capture an image.

Apple, in its patent has included several figures describing the watch strap and its design functionality. In one of the images, the apple watch can be seen detached from its strap and being used separately.

This was not the first time Apple has gone forward to patent new Apple Watch camera straps. Over the last few years, the tech giant has gone on to file several camera related patent designs for the Apple Watch.

Examples of these patents include a 2019 rotatable Apple watch camera strap and even the patent for an Apple watch with a camera in its digital crown.

Just like many other patented Apple watches, there is a high probability that this new patented Apple watch strap design might never be implemented, well, only time could tell.

Apple likes to bring new innovative designs and features into its watch, comparing the Apple Watch series 7 and 8, you could easily find differences in design functionality, features and much more.


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