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Imran is a freelance Product Strategist and Writer. You can get in touch with him on Twitter Imran Haider

Imran Haider

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Fixing Patari

In short span of under three months, Patari has gone from the darling of our tech ecosystem to a...

Jul 9 · >

What is wrong with the selection process of incubation centers in Pakistan

Innovation District aka ID92 recently rolled out their first batch of startups. If Twitter is to be believed the...

Jul 6 · >

What not to do, Murmurings from Popinjay

One of the many things not happening in our tech ecosystem is startup postmortems. We do not know, to...

Jul 5 · >

How our tech ecosystem is failing?

I have noticed fewer and fewer startup stories from Pakistan recently. Tech in Asia has completely backed off. TechJuice...

Jun 7 · >

Will Samsung ever be able to make a comeback?

Short answer is No. Read on if you are intrigued. 2014 was a terrible year for Samsung. The Korean...

Aug 11 · >

Daunting task of choosing an Android phone

My wife broke her Nexus 4. Actually our little one did. After few trips to market and spending some...

Aug 27 · >

Saying No is the real art behind every product loved by its customers

Designing a product that is loved by its customers is a daunting task. It’s tricky because you don’t know...

Jul 15 · >

BookMe needs to do one thing unlike any other

My wife wrote about BookMe a few days back and compared it with Fandango. Fandango is hugely popular in...

Jun 4 · >

5 step formula to be more productive and ship projects on time

I often feel that I am good at starting things and not so good at finishing them. It tuns...

May 26 · >