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Best Proven Strategies for Crypto Trading – 2022

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Simply put, cryptocurrency or crypto refers to ownership of anything that functions digitally or electronically and uses encryption to secure transactions. Instead of a central entity issuing or regulating cryptocurrencies, a decentralized process is employed to track transactions and produce new units.

These digital assets, like stocks, commodities, or foreign exchange currencies, may be traded in the financial markets on cryptocurrency exchanges or professional trading platforms like WazirX, CoinSwitch Kuber, CoinDCX, and others. Trading highly volatile assets like these can result in huge profits.

The following article contains several tips and tactics for day trading cryptocurrencies using various tried-and-true, lucrative trading strategies. You’ll quickly learn how to manage risk, trade Bitcoin for profit, and do in-depth technical analysis

Understanding what a blockchain is and how it works

Blockchains are a special type of internet network that is required for cryptocurrencies. In terms of cryptocurrency, there are “n” number of different blockchain networks to select from, such as Ethereum, Cardano, and others. It’s vital to note that, despite their differences, they work rather similarly. It is recommended to have an in-depth study of their characteristics to earn from cryptocurrencies if you plan to.


Research the cryptocurrency you intend to trade for profit.

Having the appropriate knowledge is critical in every circumstance imaginable. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, understanding how their value is calculated, how they function, on which platforms they should be purchased or sold, and so on will always be beneficial. It is also necessary to stay up with current developments to generate considerable benefits.

Select the appropriate Crypto trading platform

Before you can begin preparing your day trading bitcoin strategy, you must first select a platform. There are several bitcoin trading platforms accessible. Most bitcoin trading platforms now employ blockchain technology, which allows for decentralized order book storage and is more secure owing to cryptography encoding methods. These platforms provide quick, free signup with no personal information required. After you make a deposit, you may begin planning.

Technical vs Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis of assets extensively examines the underlying properties that give an asset value and decides if it is a good investment. In cryptocurrencies, the centralized authority or utility that grants an asset value is not always present. Instead, value is established by variables such as scarcity or the value transferred on the underlying blockchain network of each currency.

However, technical research is more directed toward traders looking to get a competitive advantage in the market, whereas fundamental analysis is more geared toward investors selecting which long-term entries to take.


Best Cryptocurrency Trading Indicators

Cryptocurrency technical analysis is often based on charting patterns, statistical indicators, or both. The most frequent charts are the candlestick, bar, and line charts. Each may be produced with the same data but shows it in different and helpful ways.

By exploring the accessible indicator list on crypto platforms, you may find a variety of technical analysis indicators. Among these are the Relative Strength Index, Moving Averages, TD Sequential, and several more indicators.

You may utilize these methods to obtain a competitive advantage in forex, commodities, stocks, and other markets after understanding how they function in cryptocurrency.

MACD Trading Strategy

MACD is a common technical analysis indicator sometimes referred to as a lagging indicator. MACD is popular among cryptocurrency traders because it typically offers an early warning when a reversal is imminent when the lines begin to turn, verifying the signal when a crossing occurs. The strategy can help traders predict upcoming trend shifts in crypto markets to a great deal.

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