Big News! Google Pixel XL 2 to be manufactured by LG

Written by Ali Leghari ·  54 sec read >

It turns out that this year HTC is only going to make one Pixel XL smartphone named as Walleye for Google, while the other Pixel XL 2 will be made by LG.

Up until now, HTC was the only company making Pixel XL smartphones for Google. This is not the first time LG and Google have come together to make smartphones, previously several Nexus phones such as Nexus 4,5 and 5X were made in collaboration with LG.

According to Android Police, a website known for Android leaks and rumors, Pixel XL 2 “Taimen” will be manufactured by LG.

Now the situation is becoming more interesting as two different companies are making Pixel XL smartphones for Google, which is also unprecedented in the history of Pixel XL smartphones.

Both Walleye and Taimen Pixel smartphones will ship this fall as planned. Furthermore, Google’s Pixel smartphones will be the first to ship with company’s latest OS Android O. HMD also has already confirmed that new Nokia 6 will also ship with Android O.

It is to be noted here that LG is facing a class action suit due to the devices made by the company suffering from bootloops. And now the company has taken charge of manufacturing of Google’s Pixel XL 2, keeping the bootloop problem in view it will be interesting to see that how the company is going to make the new smartphone without the bootloop problem.

Moreover, it is also confirmed that Google has canceled its direct Pixel XL successor, in favor of another smartphone.

Feature Image Source: GSMARENA