Bill & Melinda Gates Predict The Future of Education

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Post by Bill Gates.

Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation has progressed through 15 years of innovative work in health and education. On the 15th anniversary of the Foundation, Bill Gates posted a video on Facebook which laid down the hopes for the world till 2030. Among the expectations made for the developing countries, Bill and Melinda predicted that online education will reach hundreds of millions of people across the world.

The video further elaborated that the growth of high-speed cell networks and availability of affordable devices will fuel the online education. Students can connect to any classroom anywhere in the world through cloud services. Kids in third world countries will be able to learn letters and numbers through softwares adjusted to various learning speeds.

The removal of gender gap will play an important role in the future of education through provision of technology in the hands of women. For example, currently, in Africa and South Asia, women are far less likely than men to own a cell phone.

Furthermore, they predicted that all these changes can only be brought through people and eradication of poverty. Check out other predictions made in the video below.

The online education has indeed change the way we learn today. It does not matter anymore what field of education you belong to; anyone can learn anything at anytime. Share your opinions on the future of online education in the comment section below.

Written by Sarwat Fatima
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