ChatGPT Will Destroy Google’s Business In Two Years: Gmail Creator

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ChatGPT has become quite famous as it can perform like a normal human being. The new online chatbot created by OpenAI has put people think about the survival of search engines such as Google.

Paul Buchheit, the creator of Gmail In a tweet, shared his opinion by saying that I think that Google”s business will last for two years.

If we look at the last few months, since November 2022, ChatGPT has become the favorite destination to ask questions for millions of users. ChatGPT works very efficiently, and instead of searching two to three pages for a single answer on Google, ChatGPT answers conversationally.

Many still need clarification about whether this could spell the end for Google’s main offerings. Google’s top executives reportedly met after ChatGPT’s immediate success.

Moreover, now the company is focusing on its Artificial Intelligence products to get them better for users.

Is The End For Google Near?

Google has been working for many years and is one of the leading search engines. Paul Buchheit said in his tweet technology like A. I can eliminate the need for search engine result pages, where Google makes most of its money.

Moreover, many advertisers place their ads on Google, earning massive traffic from it. Google charges advertisers a fee for displaying their products and services right next to the search result.

According to the analysis, in 2021, Google raked in over $250 billion in revenue. It’s the best income in its nearly 25-year-old existence.

However, with the emergence of ChatGPT, Google has to think about its future as people always try to find the simplest ways to get their answers.

Buchheit does not see how Google could do this without destroying the most valuable aspect of its business.

What Does ChatGPT Think?

Microsoft has provided additional financial support to ChatGPT as it continues demonstrating its versatility by writing poetry, coding, and even passing the MBA exam at the Wharton School of Business.

Microsoft hopes to incorporate the chatbot’s capabilities into its search engine and will bring Google out from the top spot.

Microsoft will feel good to see Google on a downward trajectory after years of search dominance.ChatGPT thinks its existence will be OK with Google’s search business.

When asked the chatbot, it replied:

It has been observed that ChatGPT world on training data. Hence, it is possible that the engineer programmed the chatbot to respond to cater such queries without sounding too narcissistic and confident.

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