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Google to Release a Powerful Chat GPT Rival in May

Talking about the product, Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated that Google is preparing to show “some entirely new experiences...

Jan 30 ·>
Google AI

ChatGPT Bot Clears US Law School Exam

A chatbot GPT cleared exams at a US law school Microsoft has invested a massive amount in chatGPT from...

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Jan 26 ·>

Courts in China Are Now Using AI to Provide Instant Justice

Called the Xiao Zhi 3.0 or Little Wisdom, the justice AI has already assisted a trial of 10 people...

Jan 24 ·>
AI in Law

Artificial Intelligence Might Make it Possible For You to Talk to Your Pet

Named the ‘Dr Doolittle device’, this AI device will be able to decode animal communication and understand animal languages...

Jan 16 ·>
Animal Communication AI

ChatGPT Fools Scientists By Writing Fake Research Paper Abstracts

Artificial Intelligence has taken an advantageous position in the technology world. The Chatbot is another application of Artificial Intelligence...

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Jan 16 ·>

NCAI Announces Nationwide AI Challenge With Cash Prizes For Students

Named the AI Tech Verse, the AI competition will take place on 21-23 February at the National University of...

Jan 12 ·>
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Microsoft to Invest $10 Billion in Chat GPT AI

Its reported that the owner and operator of Chat GPT is in discussion with Microsoft, once completed, this $10...

Jan 11 ·>

AI Can Replace Humans In Four Keys Industries And Leave Billions Without Jobs

Artificial Intelligence has taken the place of many human operating tasks. According to experts, Artificial Intelligence could one day...

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Dec 30 ·>

Popular AI Photo App Lensa is Storing Your Face Data

Gaining popularity amongst celebrities all over the world, the Lensa App is actually known to have privacy policies that...

Dec 9 ·>
Lensa face data

Artificial Intelligence Diagnosis May Help In Reducing Hospital Pressures

Researchers believe the artificial intelligence technology of detecting Covid-19 via X-ray may help reduce hospital pressure. The technology was...

Nov 8 ·>

Mardan Police Launches AI-Powered Technologies For Better Services

Atif Khan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Science Technology & Information Technology, Food, Sports and Youth Affairs launched Mardan’s AI-based...

Oct 22 ·>
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Govt to launch National AI Policy soon: IT Minister

The recent string of cyber threats and attacks seem to have stirred the government into action. After approving the...

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Dec 6 ·>