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China’s Ministry of Agriculture donated drones that would combat against the locust swarms

Written by Naima Rabbie ·  51 sec read >

On Thursday China donated the drones that could efficiently battle against the locust attack in Pakistan. The locust swarm has been eating away the vegetation on an accelerated rate which is causing quite a stress at the horticulture sector of Pakistan.

The Chinese ministry of agriculture donated the drones to the Ministry of National Food Security at the Pakistani Embassy. Ahmad Farooq the Minister of Affairs, Council at Chinese Ministry of Agriculture Ma Hongtao, The Head of SZ DJI Technology Limited Yasha Chen also attended the meeting. Other than that, officials from corporate sectors, the Pakistani Embassy, and the Chinese Government also participated in the event.

The Agras T16 drones developed by Shen Zhen DJI Technology were donated to Pakistan by China. This donation will likely to increase the ability of Pakistan to fight against the high number of locust in its dessert and vegetation lands.

Ahmad Farooq praised the participation of different sectors in the ceremony and also thanked the Ministry of Agriculture China regarding its generous contribution in times of stress. He also showed confidence regarding the ability of the drone to eliminate the locust swarm in a short period.

Farooq also told the participants that the government of China sent a team earlier this year regarding the Locust control in the country. Ahmed Farooq received the certificate of the drone handing over on behalf of Ministry of National Food and Security at the Chinese Agriculture Ministry Ma Hongtao