Chrome 60 beta brings lots of API improvements

Avatar Written by Ali Leghari ·  58 sec read >

Google has dropped its new version of Chrome browser named as Chrome 60. The new Chrome 60 is now available online and can be downloaded but remember one thing that it is only beta version.

Google has dropped this new Chrome 60 beta to test out it’s updated and features which it has given to this new chrome version. Chrome 60 beta has many features but most important is a new search widget which allows its users to search chrome using one’s voice.

Furthermore, Google has also improved its browser’s way of loading fonts as usually Chrome delays rendering the text until the fonts are available, but now with this upgradation, the process of rendering is bound to become much faster. It has also upgraded its Paint timing API to give developers better insight into their site’s loading performance.

According to Chrome’s blog post, many other features are also being released in this beta version for the purpose of testing this new version, which includes collecting payments through native Android payment apps using the Payment Request API and Object rest and spread properties, making its a whole lot easier to merge and shallow clone objects.

Moreover, Google has updated its Gboard for Android and iOS users enabling them to search for the unique and right emoji with only just drawing it.

This new update by tech behemoth comes about after research based on AI using such tools as Autodraw in the recognition of the drawings made.

Apart from the new exciting updates, Google has canceled its Pixel XL’s direct successor in favor of large-screen successor, which is expected to hit the market in coming fall.