Constant Texting Is Hurting Your Spine Badly

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Texting may not be hazardous during driving only as new study suggests that constant texting can harm your neck as well. This fact was highlighted in a new research conducted by the spinal surgeon – Dr. Kenneth Hansraj and published in Surgical Technology International.

According to the study, looking down at your phone during texting can add up to 60 pounds of pressure on your spine depending on the angle.

Everyday people spend 2-4 hours on average with their heads bend downwards in cellphone based activities such as texting, browsing, playing games and interacting on social media. These few hours per day add up to 700 to 1,400 hours of immense stress on the cervical spine or up to 5,000 hours for high school students. This can cause a hunched-forward position over time which increases the risk of spinal wear and tear.

We all know it is impossible to avoid technology even when it is damaging our health in many ways. However, preventive steps can be taken such as maintaining a good posture while looking at the phone. Dr. Hansraj suggested in the paper that a good posture would be to align one’s ears with their shoulders.

Well, check now if you are hurting your spine while reading this article from your mobile screen. If you are then make a habit of keeping the right posture every time you pick up your mobile phone.

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