DeafTawk – A startup featured on the PSL is transforming lives of the deaf

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DeafTawk – a startup whose founder, Wamiq Hasan, was featured on the “Hamarey Heroes” segment of the Pakistan Super League recently, is transforming the lives of millions with hearing disabilities in Pakistan.

The DeafTawk app offers sign language interpretation services to those devoid of hearing ability. It has over 1100+ interpreters who provide their services in 6 different languages and have provided over 94,000 hours of interpretation service till now.

The startup’s founder is also a member of the deaf community, and the National incubation center and Jazz have accelerated it. It was selected as the best Asian startup by the UNDP.

DeafTawk aims to empower the deaf community in Pakistan by utilizing work opportunities with a robust platform. It can be used to carry out simple day-to-day tasks such as giving instructions or attending and answering questions at a job interview – tasks that would otherwise be difficult without assistance available throughout.

The platform is currently only available in Pakistan and Singapore but envisions expanding all over Asia, ultimately acquiring a global user-base.

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Written by Ahsan Zafeer
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