Derioid Xperia Z by Arslan Kirmani – HTC Explorer

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Derioid Xperia Z

One thing I really love about Android is its customization, I can literally customize each and every thing of my phone and set it up according to my choice. iPhones and Windows Phones can be customized but not as much as Androids. You can change almost everything in your Android phone even you can make it look exactly like an iPhone or a Windows Phone.

Android is an open source operating system. Companies like HTC, Samsung, or Sony give their own skins to the operating system like HTC Sense or Samsung’s Touchwiz. Lots of people think that these interfaces are only limited to their Phones like Touchwiz can’t be obtained on HTC. But they have been proven wrong. Developers have worked hard day and night to make it possible. Now you can easily port HTC Sense, Samsung’s Touchwiz, Xperia Interface or even stock android experience on your phone regardless of the manufacturer of your Phone.

This Rom Derioid Xperia Z has been ported from Sony Xperia Dual and has Android 4.1.2. The developer has added Xperia Z’s features in it too. Of all the Xperia Roms available for HTC Explorer this one is the best one. Why? Well because all the other Roms are themed Cyanogen mod but not this one. It features complete Xperia experience with all of the Xperia widgets and apps like TrackID and Timescape.

I was impressed by it when I saw its music features. Firstly it has the Bravia engine installed but you can really take it to the next level by AcidMod Audio and DSP manager. These apps allow you to set up your own equalizer. The rom has many tweaks, which make the rom fast and fluid.

Without further ado lets get into installation.

Root the HTC Explorer

First thing first, In order to get this ROM you need to ROOT your HTC Explorer first. Don’t worry we have a tutorial all set up for you. It’s easy to follow 🙂 But still if you get any problems- feel free to mention in comments section below. Here is the link to it:

Do SD-ext Partition

The rom is massive. You need to have an EXT partition because there is not enough internal memory available in HTC Explorer. If you do not already have an ext partition then you can follow our tutorial to create one. Scroll down to the SD-EXT section here:

Installing the Rom

  1. Firstly download the ROM file from here and download the G-Apps (Google Apps) from here Copy these files to your sd card.
  2. Go into the recovery mode (we are using TWRP recovery and it is recommended to use it) and select wipe then select factory reset.
  3. Flash the Rom (In the recovery mode press Install then select the Rom file).
  4. After the installation finishes, boot the phone. As I said before the rom is massive so it will take about 15-20 minutes to boot, don’t panic. 🙂
  5. When the phone boots up reboot it to get the memory script working. Then setup your phone.

Complete the setup and go back to the recovery mode this time install the Gapps file to get Google Play and other services.
Original Rom link:

Written by: Talha Masood


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