Don’t expect stellar selfies from in-display cameras, warns OPPO

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Just yesterday we reported that OPPO intends to reveal a new smartphone with an in-display camera but now, before OPPO’s event at MWC, their Vice President has stepped up to point out that we shouldn’t expect the best selfies from the phone. Considering that the in-display camera technology is currently in early phases, it comes as no surprise that the picture quality from the upcoming OPPO phone is subpar than other smartphones in the market.

The comments by Vice President Brian Shen come hours before OPPO unveils their new phone and he mentioned that tech is still in development. He responded to another user on Weibo saying that since the camera is now under the glass, there will be some optical loss but reiterated that tech is developed to “perfection”. Assuming OPPO successfully launches this smartphone, it will be another milestone for the company which is previously known for manufacturing a smartphone with a rotatable camera.

Later on, OPPO also tweeted a small video which showcases a smartphone with an in-display sensor:

The new concept will definitely make the design and aesthetics of the smartphone much more appealing but to what extent the front camera quality will be compromised is the question. The same doesn’t other phones which have front cameras on the notch and even the Samsung S10 series has the camera plainly shown under the display glass. The recently launched Reno series features a main camera with 10x optical zoom and a motorized front camera, even here users can experience the complete display without any protrusion from notches.

Will you be willing to compromise camera quality for an in-display design?

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