Don’t expect to see an all-screen iPhone till 2021, analyst

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According to a popular analyst Ming-Chi Kho, the iPhones coming next year will feature smaller notches but it won’t be till 2021 when we will see an all-screen iPhone launch. We have seen manufacturers slowly ditching the notch and going towards an all-screen display by integrating motorized front cameras but it seems Apple is in no hurry to bring this tech to their iPhones.

The smaller notch is possible due to TrueDepth modules which was first introduced in the Apple iPhone X. TrueDepth sensor is currently being used in all selfie cameras from iPhone X and beyond and by decreasing the size of the modules, that is without compromising the quality of photos, Apple can significantly reduce the size of the notch. Currently the notch takes up more than half portion of the upper side of the display whereas competitors have mostly shifted to waterdrop style of notches or punch-hole type for the front camera.

Ming also predicts a redesigned casing for the upcoming iPhones and this would be different from the design of the iPhone X and XS. Apple is also expected to shift to a 7-piece lens system for the cameras on the 2020 iPhones, this system was revealed by their supplier Largan Precision. Xiaomi Mi Explorer currently integrates a 7P lens system on its camera, it will likely offer a boost to the video quality on the upcoming iPhones.

Apple is likely to ship all-screen iPhones in 2021 according to the analyst, when in-display fingerprint scanners and cameras would have matured to a great extent. Right now, motorized cameras are being used by many manufacturers but there is a big question mark on the endurance of the phone if it is dropped suddenly. The motor may stop working altogether.

Apple is looking to revive the Touch ID and the in-display fingerprint sensor will be the way to go.

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