Ehsaas Program introduces SMS notification service to solve the biometric verification issues

Avatar Written by Naima Rabbie · 1 min read>

The Ehsaas programs have come up with an alternative payment solution. The reason behind this Initiative is to provide ease to the beneficiaries registered to the Ehsaas emergency cash service as earlier on the beneficiaries were finding it difficult to withdraw the money. The biometric verification wasn’t up to the mark as per the complainants.

So as per the new solution the beneficiaries won’t have to visit NADRA in order to get the payment. Now in order to take out the cash the beneficiary can visit the specific branch of the partnered bank and the payment can be done without fingerprint verification.
The banks who partnered with the Ehsaas emergency cash transfers are Punjab Bank LTD and Habib Bank LTD. And their services are applicable in Sindh, Punjab, and Baluchistan whereas in KPK Khyber Bank offering the services.

Asn per this newly introduced solution, all the people who are applied for the programme will receive a notification via SMS from 8171 services. In the message the name, date of payment, the name of designated bank along with its address, and CNIC of the beneficiary will be stated. This would make it easy for the beneficiaries to withdraw the money.

A SMS notification has been sent to everyone who has been facing the biometric verification issue. The notification was sent in a –phased manner. On the other hand the designated bank branches contain the information of all the beneficiaries that are on the panel of this program.

One important thing is that the recipients of the Ehssas program should original CNIC, mobile phon with registered sim that has the Payment message saved in it so that the one-time cash collection by the bank branch can occur without hassle.

According to the Prime Minister’s special advisor on Social Protection and Poverty Elevation Dr Sania Nishtar said:” Direct Payments through branches of partner banks are a key facet of Ehsaas Innovative disbursement solution that has been built to support only those who had difficulty with finger print verification for emergency cash withdrawal.”
She also said: “All people on the eligibility list of Ehsaas with biometric challenges will be receiving new disbursement messages from 8171 services and the process is being completed nationwide in several stages to avoid overcrowding at bank branches. Banks have to ensure all necessary precautionary measures to avoid the spread of COVID 19.”