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Elon Musk Converts Twitter Conference Rooms into Bedroom for Employees

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Elon Musk converts Twitter headoffice into hotel
Leaked photos suggest that a large part of the Twitter Headquarters is converted into sleeping places for employees, so they can stay late and be more productive in the office

A leaked image from the Twitter Headquarters shows that a Twitter conference room has been converted into a bedroom with a double bed, closet and even a pair of comfy slippers.

Ex employees revealed that Elon Musk has been sleeping inside the Twitter headquarters ever since he bought the company.

Just days after buying Twitter Musk sent a mail to the Twitter staff saying that they “need to be extremely hardcore” inorder to succeed and stay at the company.

Recent news, tweets and events suggest that it’s not just Musk that is sleeping in the Twitter office. A large number of employees are also provided with beds and sleeping quarters so they can stay in the office and work long hours.

Receiving complaints about residence inside a commercial building, the San Francisco’s Department of Building Inspection is investigating the matter.

Following the investigation and charges, Musk said that Twitter is being targeted for providing beds or tired employees. In a deleted Tweet prior to the complaint, Musk also mentioned that the employees will sleep in the Twitter office until the organization is fixed.

With CEO Elon Musk measuring performances and firing employees at an unimaginable rate, it’s only expected for employees to sleep and work extra long hours at the Twitter headquarters.

California state senator Scott Wiener while responding to the media said that “he’s now making them workers sleep at Twitter. It’s clear that he doesn’t really care about people. He doesn’t care about the people who work for him.”


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