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Employees Secretly Using ChatGPT-AI: Threat For Tech Leaders

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  2 min read >

Companies must strictly check and prepare the rules with necessary cyber defence measures.

Only some companies have their GPT; therefore, strict monitoring is essential in how workers use this technology.

Employees Secretly Use chatGPT to make their tasks easier even when the IT department does not sanction it

As we know, the launch of chatGPT, created by OpenAI l, has taken the world by storm. The intelligent chatbot can perform human-like tasks in just a few clicks. Many companies have already incorporated the technology in their systems, whereas, still, there are specific organizations that are taking time to understand the advancement.

Many Chief Information Security Officers still need clarification as big tech companies soared in chatbots and artificial intelligence investments amid widespread layoffs and a growth decline.

With chatGPT by OpenAI, Microsoft’s Bing AI, Google’s Bard, and Elon Musk’s plan for his chatbot, Chief Information Security Officers must approach this technology cautiously and prepare with the necessary security measures.

In addition, chatGPT is based on Natural Language Model or algorithms that produce a human-like conversation. Many tech giants have already made their chatbots, whereas, still, many organizations are using the chatGPT by IpenAI.

Therefore, it is important for organizations to closely monitor the employee’s activities and check how workers use this technology.

Michael Chui, a partner at the McKinsey Global Institute said that “even when it’s not sanctioned or blessed by IT, people are finding chatbots useful”.

People will surely use chatGPT to make their work easier if they find it useful.

In addition, he also said that, “throughout history, we have found technologies which are so compelling that individuals are willing to pay for it”.

“People were buying mobile phones long before businesses said, ‘I will supply this to you ‘, PCs were similar so we are seeing the equivalent now with generative AI'”.

As a result, there’s a “catch-up” for companies in terms of how the companies approach security measures.

According to the experts, the companies should design certain limits and start monitoring what information is shared on an AI platform or integrating a comlam-sanctioned GPT in the workplace.

Take A Start With Basics Of Information Security

CISO’s of every company needs to be proactive as they are already dealing with burnout and stress with other problems like potential cybersecurity attacks, and increasing automation needs.

Chui said, “companies can license the use of an existing AI platform, so they can monitor what employees say to chatbot and make sure that the information shared is protected”.

“If you are a corporation, you don’t want your employees prompting a publicly available chatbot with confidential information. So you could put technical means in place, where you can license the software and have an enforceable legal, agreement about where your data goes or doesn’t go”.

Moreover, protection of digital information is very important to consider to make license accordingly.

“If you have an agreement, you can audit the software so you can see if they are protecting the data in the ways that you want it to be protected”.

Integrate Or Create A Customized GPT

The easiest way to protect the organization’s data is to create their own chatbot. Another way, is to hire companies on this technology to make customized version accordingly, said by Sameer Penakalapati, chief executive officer at Ceipal,an AI-driven talent acquisition platform .

If the company develops their own catbots ,then they will have the exact information how employees are using the chatbot. Moreover, the company will have an access to safeguard the information that employees feed into it.

On the other hand, hiring an AI company to generate this platform will enable companies to store and feed information safely.

Whatever path a company chooses the CISOs needs to be very active to be intentional about the data the company is giving the technology.

“I always tell people to make sur eyou have this technology that provides information based on unbiased and accurate data”.

“Bacasue this technology is not is not create dby accident” ,stated by Penakalapati


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