Engro showcases technology used in its dairy plant at Sahiwal

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FrieslandCampina Engro Pakistan opened the doors of its Sahiwal plant for the media to see. It believes in winning trust through transparency. FCEP’s invitation to visit the Sahiwal plant was accepted by roughly 30 media professionals from print, electronic & digital outlets.

FrieslandCampina Engro Pakistan remains committed to providing better & safe dairy nutrition to Pakistan through its brands. The purpose of this visit was to maintain complete transparency of grass to glass and to familiarize the media with the entire process of food quality and safety.

This was a one-day tour where the media was shown the milk procurement procedures to milk quality checks and processing of brands in accordance with the international & national food safety regulations and quality standards. The media was introduced to the entire process of the supply chain to production highlighting FCEPL’s commitment to safe dairy nutrition.

During the plant visit, the team experienced first-hand ways processes and practices of FrieslandCampina Engro Pakistan while gaining plausible knowledge. From visiting milk collection centers to plant operations, the media personnel were pleased to see the standard operating procedures and food safety controls being effectively implemented followed by FrieslandCampina Engro Pakistan. The media visit from the milk collection center and plant operations were followed by a resourceful question and answer session.

The company’s administration greatly emphasized on the use of technology in the production process. Using lean production techniques, the company manages to push out thousands of units of milk boxes and speaking to a representative of a TechJuice, the Manager of Engro’s Ice Cream plant said that modern technology has completely revamped the way they conduct the manufacturing process.

On this occasion, Syed Saud Ahmed Pasha, Director Corporate Affairs & Agri Business at FCEPL stated, “FrieslandCampina is the world’s 6th largest dairy company owned by a farmers’ cooperative. FC has long history in dairy nutrition, spanning over 148 years across Europe, Asia & Africa. We are not only committed to providing quality and safe nutrition to every Pakistani but we are also working for betterment of our farmers through our extensive dairy development programs. We ensure that all international & national standards of food quality & safety are followed in making our products so we can fulfill our promise to provide better nutrition to Pakistan.”

Nageen Rizvi, Head of Corporate Communications & Sustainability said, “This in-depth tour of our grass to glass process has given the media complete transparency of FCEPL processes followed for food safety & quality in preparation of our brands. We believe it is the right of every Pakistani to consume safe milk, the need for this is higher given the stunting crisis in 45% children in Pakistan.”

“Currently only packaged milk industry follows the food safety regulations and there are no checks on the loose milk industry. It is of key importance that the Government creates a level playing field across the packaged and the loose milk sector, minimum pasteurization law that has been passed gets implemented as soon as possible across Pakistan so people have access to safe milk. The food safety regulations across Pakistan should be homogenized.”

The plant visit concluded with a strong commitment from media to work on the advocacy of safe milk across Pakistan. Media appreciated FCEPL’s commitment to milk safety and quality standards for consumers and the revolutionary commitment for improving the sustainable livelihoods for farmers through dairy development programs.

Written by Shehryar Ahmed
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