Facebook is changing its Newsfeed again and here’s why you should be worried

Written by Maryam Dodhy ·  1 min read >
Facebook Hate Speech

Facebook is constantly bringing new updates to its newsfeed and the latest update will punish publishers whose websites load slowly.

The social media site, in its efforts to make browsing experience as friendly for users as possible, is taking strict action against slow websites. Website visitors abandon a website after 3 seconds of wait and the latest update will present you with posts that will load quickly. Facebook has a set threshold value of slow page load time. Based on that, when a user will open Facebook the newsfeed will be stacked in such a way that websites with faster page loading time are given top priority.

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This should be a major cause of concern for publishers who drive a significant amount of traffic from Facebook referrals. In the coming months, you may see a dip in your website traffic if your website loads pages below the time threshold set by Facebook. A way to tackle this problem would be to shift to Facebook’s Instant Articles which loads articles up to 10 times faster on your mobile device. Although, getting more publishers to shift to Instant Articles may be the ulterior motive behind this latest update since only 10,000 publishers have adopted it so far.

However, other factors like the speed of the user’s internet connection will also be taken into consideration. Based on that the user will be shown those articles first which will open quickly on their internet connection.

The social media giant has always taken factors like mobile network connection, wifi connection, and type of device into consideration while organizing a user’s newsfeed. The newsfeed in its current form will show users fewer videos if the internet connection is slow.

The newest update will roll out in a few months. Till then you can try to make your website as compliant to Facebook’s new Newsfeed as possible.

Written by Maryam Dodhy
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