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Facebook adds new update, introduces dedicated gaming section

Written by Faisal Saeed ·  51 sec read >
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In order to bring all the users together and to address the growing gaming community, the social media networking site — Facebook has announced that it is releasing a new update which comes with a brand new dedicated “Facebook Gaming Tab”.

More and more users are realizing the fact that Facebook is not just about sharing images and posting comments, it’s much more. According to the data shared by the Facebook officials, there are approximately 700 million users in the world who explore video-game related content every month. The content may include chatting in gaming communities, playing games or watching users stream.

Once updating, there will appear a new tab in the main navigation bar, which will allow users to go directly to sections including video, streams, game news, groups etc.

This dedication section will help users to watch live and offline gaming videos and latest videos published by streamers and games. Users will also receive updates about the new gaming content based on their preferences and choices.

Facebook is also planning to release a standalone Facebook Gaming app on Android, which will include more features as compared to the dedicated gaming tab.

At the moment, the new “Gaming Tab” will only be visible to a small part of 700 million users who enjoy watching content related to gaming on Facebook. The rest of the users who have not yet updated can access the gaming section in the Bookmarks menu on Facebook.