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Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Still Not Accessible:After PTA Lifts Curbs On Internet

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  2 min read >

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has announced restoring mobile broadband services nationwide. Still, people in many places need access to their social media platforms. Many people have reported slow internet access or non-existent internet connection.

In the report, the government has not given any apparent reason for this, leading to frustration and confusion among citizens. On the other hand, the PTA spokesperson denied the purposeful slow speed of the internet.

On May 9, the regulatory authority suspended mobile broadband and restricted Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube on the Interior Ministry’s instructions after the arrest of PTI’s chairman Imran Khan.

The Interior Ministry took the decision when they noticed that Twitter and other social media platforms were flooded with footage of a mob clashing with police in Karachi. However, whatever happened during the arreImran’sand subsequent release of Imranrse effects on the country’s overall situation.

Whereas Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has claimed that they have restored the internet connections and all social media platform networks, but still need to fix them thoroughly. In contrast, On Friday PTA resumed the internet but social media sites are still not accessible on both desktop and mobile phones.

Usman Khilji, Bolo Nhi Director stated that,”most people are accessing Twitter through a VPN,presumably the prime minister of the country as well. Meanwhile, Pakistani hashtags are trending in the Netherlands as VPN use skyrockets”.

Usman Khilji

Whereas, the sources confirmed that the trending hashtags based in Netherlands were related to Pakistani matters. Below, the screengrab shows footages including “ReleaseImranRiazKhan”, Pakistan, “I_Am_Also_Imran_Khan” and “May_Allah”.


On the other hand,Jehan Ara in her tweet said, “blocking access to social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube is yet another move, I don’t understand at all. I though acres to information and freedom of expression were basic human rights guaranteed to as under the Constitution, and we claim to be a democracy? ,She asked”.

Jehan Ara

Sahar Habib Ghazi, in her tweet said that, “for the record I have 4G but I can’t use Twitter and most social media without a VPN both on 4G and WiFi”.

Sehar Habib

Startup investment specialist Kapeel Kumar said, “This situation is still creating chaos leading this nation towards disappointments.” Currently, most apps are not accessible without VPN, and the internet is also prolonged on mobile data and fiber.

Imran’s arrest for corruption had a terrible impact on the overall economy and social media network. The arrest led to protests by the team workers, clashes with law enforcement agencies, and attacks on military installations.

The whole situation created chaos, and at that time, social media was very active, and people were sharing their views and aggression over the platform. The PTA noticed the sensitivity and suspended all the broadband services.
If we talk about the current situation in Pakistan, the internet situation in Pakistan is sluggish, and many people are still unable to access internet services across the country.

In contrast, internet services are as slow as 3G, with frequent disconnections, making it difficult for people to carry out even the most basic online tasks. This leads to trouble for many companies and individuals who depend on the internet and social media for their daily work.
As we know, the internet is in today’s huge demand, and many companies, including riding services, food delivery services, and other daily wages, depend on a stable internet connection.

Waqas Ghani, the ICT analyst at JS Global, stated that “such small businesses and freelancers suffered greatly from internet outages during the outgoing week.”
Due to the lack of internet access in Pakistan, a renowned freelancer platform, Fiverr, temporarily disabled Pakistani freelancers’ accounts, presenting a negative image in front of the world.

The slow internet connectivity has been hit hard by the companies dependent on the internet as some cannot operate. At the same time, companies are experiencing severe disruptions, resulting in a challenging revenue loss.

Authorities, companies, and people criticize the government for handling the situation. At the same time, there has been widespread anger and frustration at the lack of communication from authorities. As it’s been for five days, people still suffer from the worst situation.

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