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Facebook Year In Review 2015 goes live; Here is how to see Yours!

Rehan Ahmed Written by Rehan Ahmed · 1 min read>

Facebook, the largest social network on the planet, has enabled the “Year in Review” feature for this year, giving people a glimpse of their best moments of 2015.

“Year in Review” is basically a collection of photos from some of the best moments of a user’s year on the social network. It allows users to select a total of 10 photos that they have shared on Facebook in the past year, and then simply combines them in a timeline-like stream of photos, that can then be shared with your friends. When you open your Year in Review, 10 photos will be automatically selected based on Facebook’s information on what you might like but these can also be edited manually. This time around, the social network has even taken some extra precautions to make sure that bad memories don’t turn up in your yearly review.

At the end of the year, this feature is enabled and since it just went live, it should automatically be appearing on your News Feed right now. But if it isn’t, don’t fret as you can also get it manually.

Where Can I Find My “Year in Review”?

Year in Review

  1. First go to your News Feed or check your Notifications if “Year in Review” has popped up, if it hasn’t, try the next step.
  2. Open the Facebook Year in Review page.
  3. Ta-da, now you can edit or share it!

With well over a billion users, Facebook is easily the largest social community on Earth and whenever it introduces a new feature, everyone is ready to hop on the bandwagon and try out the latest goodies by Mark Zuckerberg and Co. Being a social network, Facebook also tries to adapt to popular customs and traditions to give people something to talk about and encourage them to share. Year in Review is another one of these features and lets users reflect on some of their best moments on the social network at a quick glance, without having to go through the whole year’s worth of posts.

Source- TechCrunch, Facebook

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