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‘X’ To Roll Out Audio,Video Call Feature Soon :Announced By Elon Musk

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  2 min read >

X, formerly known as Twitter, is all set to integrate audio-video call features. The new features will be introduced soon, and this is because another platform owned by Meta, called Threads, has become a big competitor. In a groundbreaking announcement recently, Elon Musk revealed his plans to bring audio video call features to its platform. As part of his ambitious vision, Musk has decided to transform ‘X’ into an all-encompassing social media platform, challenging competitors like Meta. The features will be more compatible with all devices, including Android, iOS, PC, and Mac. 

According to Musk, the features will be highly compatible and can be initiated without needing a phone number, marking a departure from traditional communication methods. In a tweet, Musk highlighted “the key aspects of the upcoming changes, stating, “Video & audio calls coming to X: Works on iOS, Android, Mac & PC – No phone number needed – X is the effective global address book…That set of factors is unique.”

Although Musk has not mentioned a specific release date for these capabilities, his announcement depicts his dedication to building X into a complete platform. This endeavor aligns with his recent declaration on X, in which he mentioned his dream to build a unique social network in an industry where he believes no great alternatives exist. The current development comes in response to Andrew Conway, designer of X, who shared screenshots of the newly introduced audio and video call options a month ago. These screenshots showcased a preview of the upcoming user experience by highlighting the additional advancements integrated into the direct messaging screen’s top left corner, offering a glimpse into the user experience. 

Still, the date has yet to be announced for the new features, but he aims to modify X to resemble China’s WeChat app. Additionally, Musk wants to change how news links appear on X, which may alter how news websites are seen on the platform. He is still contributing to improving X.

Additionally, Musk has specific goals beyond just simple audio and video features. Elon Musk is constantly trying to improve the quality of social media platforms by integrating new advanced features. Recently, X announced many new features that will be introduced soon. These include enabling users to speak in and co-host Spaces on the platform, giving opportunities to millions of participants, improving the quality of live broadcasting from mobile devices, introducing an immersive video player for Android and iOS, and enabling premium subscribers to upload lengthy videos of up to 2 hours in duration.

Elon Musk’s ambition to improve the quality of his platform will surely make the platform at the top. His determination to innovate and expand X’s capabilities reflects endless pursuits of revolutionizing the digital landscape. 

More Like Instagram, Less Like Threads  

Musk always wanted to Nake X, which seems more than Instagram, which has an audio and video calls option. However, this move will distinguish it from the Twitter alternatives BlueSky and Threads. The two seek to occupy the same space as X in its quest to become an excellent app.

Musk’s tweet affirms that the service will be available on various platforms. This shows that the calls can be made quickly and without interruption, whether a person uses Android, an Apple, a PC, or a Mac.

As we know, the number of employees has decreased to a massive level on new features at the company due to Musk’s extensive firings. Musk has to work hard to make the app attractive to users.

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