FBR Launches a Mobile App to File Tax Returns

Written by AbuBakar ·  1 min read >

Federal Board of Revenue has announced a mobile application for tax returns for people who like to avoid long and hassle-prone procedures. The mobile app will be out today as per FBR Chairman, Shabbar Zaidi.

The new mobile application would be helpful for salaried persons to file income tax. It is easy to submit tax directly through the app. Zaidi added, “This is a step towards complete digitization of processes in taxation system”.

The government is promoting the trend of digitization in all institutions. FBR is one of the most important bureaus in Pakistan, and currently the most focused institution for PTI who are working hard to increase taxation. PTI has a target of Rs 5.5 trillion from tax collection. This cannot be possible if FBR does not make tax returns process easy.

This mobile application was announced by the FBR at the end of last year and needed time to pilot the app. Along with this new development, FBR is planning to initiate a program where it will provide a single online tax portal for filers. The Program has not launched yet, but it will be available soon on their website. In June, FBR introduced a new online tax profiling system that allows 53 million citizens of Pakistan to view their tax details, travel history, bank account information, properties, and utility billing details online.

The exact time of the release of application has not been given yet as it would come at any time today.