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Five Productive Ways To Use Chatbots To Make Your Life Easier

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  2 min read >

ChatGPT has become a pretty essential tool in every field since its launch. Many companies and people are using chatbots to enhance their productivity in the workplace.

OpenAI created ChatGPT in November 2022. Since its launch, it has been on fire, and researchers have found it quite exciting and an interesting tool to incorporate into their daily tasks.

ChatGPT can write emails, code, write, and possess chatting capabilities. Until now, the chatbot has proven its endless capabilities and skills, from fixing bugs to passing an MBA exam.

Surprisingly, you don’t need to be a tech Wiz to utilize the power of chatGPT in your daily life. It is composed of applications that help to improve users’ productivity and solve real-world problems.

Here we are bringing five productive ways to use chatbots in your daily routine to make your life easier and enhance your productivity.

Draft Emails

As we have seen, many companies or businesses get emails in bulk. It is pretty challenging to read all the emails and answer them individually.

Though it’s pretty tricky for them, it seems to put all the appropriate words together to convey your message while still using the appropriate tone and business language. ChatGPT can solve your problem in just a few clicks.

For instance, we entered the text, ” help me draft an email to my boss letting her know that I have a doctor’s appointment today.” Within a few seconds, the chatbot replied to an email template that perfectly matched the situation.

We must copy and paste it into our email, tweak it to our liking, and click send.

Get Motivation Before A Big Task

Before solving any big or difficult task, we feel so complicated and take it onto our nerves. Sometimes a good sentence, motivational quote, or any game plan can help us stay focused.

In addition, instead of asking our friends, colleagues, family, or even Google for the perfect pre-event strategy, we can ask chatGPT for some motivation.

For example, I input the prompt into chatGPT, “I am in trouble as I have a big presentation ahead. Can you help me? I need some motivation”.

Surprisingly, as a result, I got a five step-preparation plan to succeed. The answer was up to the mark, encouraging, insightful, and, most importantly, helpful.

These words not only helped me to boost my energy and will help me to get success.

Assist In Composing Basic Lists

This amazing chatGPT is a game-changer for people who love listing things. Though listing your daily tasks or making a list for your grocery or any other important work is easy to get organized and ensure you don’t forget specific tasks.

On the other hand, listing items is time-consuming and frequently requires background research.

However, when we go on vacations, we usually Google packing lists to make sure not to forget anything. We use that information as a basis to create our list.

ChatGPT can create a list if we ask it to write by providing the details.

For example, a person asked chatGPT, “make a grocery list with basic groceries.” Within seconds, chatGPT provides a 15-item list of kitchen essentials that makes a great idea.

Create A Selfie Option

Whether you are planning to create content for personal or professional use, you can take help from chatGPT to advise you with captions. Finding an exact caption can be challenging, especially for content that is not particularly descriptive.

You can easily feed input into chatGPT with several details as you want for your photo for it to generate the perfect caption.

For example, “I am going to post a selfie on Instagram. Can you help me by providing the caption”. ChatGPT provided eight captions which were all fun, relevant, and trendy. This helped me find an answer in just a few seconds.

Design A Custom Workout Plan

A person can easily use chatGPT abilities to design a custom health care plan. If you are searching for a workout plan that caters to your specific needs, the chatbot can help you by providing a plan of your choice.

For example, if you ask chatGPT if you need treadmill workouts to improve your running stamina. It will generate a list of different workouts that you can quickly try.

Alas, chatGPT tries to shape a vast amount of content from over the internet (based on intricate algorithms) to something that might fit your needs.

It would help if you were very prompt in choosing the correct answer to your question. ChatGPT only helps you by providing a list; choosing the correct answer depends on you.

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