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3 Exclusive Free ChatGPT Chrome Extensions To Make You More Productive

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

ChatGPT is on fire these days it is very productive and can perform any task in just a few clicks. Many researchers feel that it will replace human workers.

On the other hand, many companies are using it very efficiently to boost their employee’s productivity. They have taken it as a helping tool to enhance employees’ performance.


Likewise, Google has incorporated chatGPT into its search engine. Here we are enlisting few helpful and free Chrome Extensions that are very useful to save your precious time:

A Creative ChatGPT Writer: Automate Your Emails

While replying to emails in a large quantity is really a tough job. Anyone who is responsible to reply to emails in bulk ,always feel it hectic to do.

So here is chatGPT Writer Extension who can do it for you in seconds. During the launch of a product, the email user was replying to a recruiter about a job with the simple prompt “Generate a reply to this email that I’m interested, ask about salary and remote work options.”

However, ChatGPT generates a thorough, considerate and expert response that reads better than whatever schlock 95% of us like an ordinary person can hardly manage.

The exclusive addition has given a support for Gmail, but at the same time works across the web as well. Moreover, the feature also allows you call on chatGpT wherever you need any assistance or respond to something.

ChatGPT For Google: Amazing Search Results

Though, the chatGPT for Google extension will eventually defeat Google’s upcoming AI chatbot product. But, if we look around it’s an absolute necessity.

Instead of going through to pages and pages while searching for anything, chatGPT will just take few minutes to answer your query by finding out the exact answer what you actually searching for.

Moroever, it also works with results from Bing,DuckDuckGo, and other famous search engines. Hence, it is not specifically for Google, as the name of the extension shows.

Therefore, anyone can easily enjoy the search results using chatGPT extension and will get answers exactly what the person is searching. Whether, we talk about media or technology, chatGPT extension helps in every way.

Use AI: Do Less Reading And More Commenting

Although, there’s no better way to create relationship on LinkedIn and bringing people together on one platform.

The biggest issue people face, is the more you engage, the more time it takes to read and respond to everything.

The exclusive Engage AI extension enables you a shortcut and solves your problem in an excellent way. Suppose, you come across a popular LinkedIn post but you don’t want to take the time torea she entire post, here it does wonders.

Engage AI will do the whole reading for you and generate a comment accordingly on your behalf. The reply will exactly based on the content contained in the post.

In addition, it gives you option to choose the tone of your comment- disagreeable, funny, friendly inquisitive or congratulatory and later you can edit it before sending it.

Thus, all the advanced chatGPT AI features enable users to activate it and use it to save their time and effort.

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