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France bans smartphones and tablets in schools

Written by Ammara Saleem ·  53 sec read >

France has started taking healthy use of tech in digital natives of its country seriously. The new ban on the use of digital communication devices in schools prohibits the students aged 3 to 15 years from bringing their devices to school.

The French Parliament voted with the great majority on Monday to ban students from using smartphones and personal tablets in schools. France has already put a restriction on students from using their personal devices during instruction hours since 2010.

For the students that are 15 years of age or older, it is up to the institution they are attending to decide whether they can bring their devices to school or not.

This is all part of the campaign that is attempting to curb addiction to tech in students. Even the present French President, Emmanuel Macron campaigned on last year.

According to experts, the increased use of smartphones leads to depression, insomnia and is the major reason for cyberbullying.

According to French Newspaper Le Monde, the devices will be only allowed to students with a disability or for educational purposes.

In most of the schools in Pakistan, Students in high school are allowed to bring their smartphones to schools. Students can easily hide their phones under the desk and use them during lectures. This kind of ban can somehow control the teens and kids from using smartphone more than necessary. Even if this is a publicity stunt by the French President, this will lead to a great decrease in smartphone usage in teens and kids.

Written by Ammara Saleem
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