Galaxy Fold gets a Game of Thrones edition; hope it won’t disappoint you like the show did

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The Games of Thrones Galaxy Fold edition is out but you can’t afford it because it will be four times as expensive as the original Galaxy Fold by the South Korean tech giant Samsung.

The famous Russian company Caviar popular for making a customized version of popular phones in gold has yet again pulled out a new stunt. The time, the luxury brand has decided to go even further and announce a new design for the Samsung Galaxy Fold which is still struggling large-scale market launch following a delay due to design issues.

The new Fold design made by Caviar is dedicated to the most loved show of HBO — Game of Thrones and its unreleased novel The Winds of Winter and goes overboard with the ornaments as is the norm with Caviar. On a lighter note, I don’t know how the company will manage to reimburse so much gold on the upcoming phones because as per my info, there’s nothing left in the King’s Landing now, except for fire and blood.

Moreover, looking closely to the body of the Galaxy Fold GoT edition, you will notice that it has been turned into the cover of the book and the outer parts of the device have been given a sculptured, gold themed design, taking inspiration from the “A Song of Ice and Fire” saga on which Game of Thrones was based. Meanwhile, the front design of the phone is graced by the map of the Seven Kingdoms.

Caviar’s thoughts are quite similar to the GoT’s novel writer George Martin’s work. The Galaxy Fold is also a captivating work of art and the luxurious customized edition of the phone is a treat for die-hard fans of Game of Thrones. It must be noted that the sales of the phone will not begin until the Galaxy Fold is officially released, but pre-orders are now open.

The price of the Galaxy Fold Game of Thrones Edition is truly jaw-dropping, as it costs a whopping $8,180. We can only hope that a handful of very rich people would dare to buy it and it will not disappoint people like the Game of Thrones finale and Galaxy Fold’s display did.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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