Game of Thrones

“House of the Dragon” Premiere Crashes HBO Max Streaming App

Mms The long-awaited premiere of “House of the Dragon” comes more than three years after the finale of “Game...

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Aug 22 ·>
House of the Dragon

Galaxy Fold gets a Game of Thrones edition; hope it won’t disappoint you like the show did

The Games of Thrones Galaxy Fold edition is out but you can’t afford it because it will be four...

May 23 ·>

Over 7 lacs angry Game of Thrones fans sign online petition to remake Season 8

The most hyped final season of the Game of Thrones (GOT) series is leaving its fans disappointed with each...

May 17 ·>

Game of Thrones’ final season premiere was pirated over 54 million times within 24 hours of its release

The night is dark and full of pirates. HBO’s fantasy drama — Games of Thrones has topped lists of...

Apr 18 ·>

Google searches to download Game of Thrones’ new season sparked in Pakistan between 6 to 9 AM

After the tiring wait of two long years, the Game of Thrones season 8 is finally live on HBO....

Apr 15 ·>

Malware could infiltrate your computer if you download pirated Game of Thrones TV show

Sometimes, Malware cuts deeper than swords! If you don’t care that you are breaking the law when you download...

Apr 8 ·>

7 leadership lessons you can learn from Game of Thrones’ badass Daenerys Targaryen

Game of Thrones’ action-packed season 7 is over and since the new season doesn’t come until 2019, you can...

Aug 31 ·>

A computer program has written the next Game of Thrones book, turns out Varys will kill Khaleesi

Winter is here and so is ‘Winds of Winter’. Game of Thrones just wrapped up its season 7 and,...

Aug 30 ·>

HBO asks FBI for help as hackers release top official emails, ask millions in bitcoin

Hackers, who claimed to have hacked the HBO network a week back from now, leaked a fresh cache of...

Aug 8 ·>

HBO’s computers hacked, script of Game of Thrones leaked online

One of the biggest Drama series titled Games of Thrones (GoT) is being televised nowadays on HBO. Episode one...

Aug 1 ·>

Here’s how you can visit all of the Game of Thrones locations on Google Street View

Game of Thrones launched its final and much-awaited season last night. In the span of six years since the...

Jul 18 ·>