Galaxy S9 and iPhone X speed test reveals the limitation of both phones

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iPhone X beats Galaxy S9 with its A11 chipset but 3GB RAM puts Apple to shame.

Apple and Samsung, the longtime rivals of this decade are likely to continue their rivalry for may be at least one more decade. Apple’s 10th-anniversary smartphone, iPhone X and Samsung’s beast for 2018, Galaxy S9 have been previously compared by authentic reviewers in terms of display and camera. And now new speed test comparison of both phones details everything you need to know in terms of real-world performance.

Speed tests by Youtubers with great reputation like XeeTechCare, SuperSaf TV, and EverythingApplePro with millions of followers have revealed that iPhone X is around 45% faster than Snapdragon 845-powered Galaxy S9+, all thanks to Apple’s A11 Bionic chipset, however, iPhone X’s 3GB of RAM is no match with Exynos powered-Galaxy S9 variant with 6GB of RAM.

Apple’s smartphones have been the heavy-weight champions in terms of performance due to fastest hardware and optimized software updates. But over the years, the competition has gotten so good that the Galaxy S9+ can actually outperform the iPhone X in some real-life usage tests, all thanks to its Exynos 9810 powered chipsets and 6GB RAM. It must be noted that these Youtbers conducted tests by opening various apps at the same time and comparing the performance of both phones. However, the Geekbench 4 score for Snapdragon variant of Galaxy S9+ was 3,799 (on single-core) which was a bit low than iPhone X’s 4237 single core results.

It must be noted that this variant is only specific to the US and we can expect a further boost in performance with Exynos powered variant of Galaxy S9, which will be selling outside the US.

Here’s the speed test video of famous Youtube channel XeeTechCare.

Samsung’s has an edge over Apple with 6GB of RAM, where Apple introduces devices with low memories because adding more RAM, adds cost and can impact battery life. Another plus point for Samsung is the battery life i.e. 3,500 mAh in Galaxy S9, whereas iPhone X is powered by 2,716 mAh.

Meanwhile, Samsung has a bad reputation in terms of bloatware and slow software updates. At the same time, Apple’s iOS has also been troubled by a lot of bugs and each time company has to introduce a new update to resolve it. It appears that the time has come when Android-powered manufacturers will de-throne the Cupertino giant.

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