General Motors ‘GM’ Uses Google AI chatbot to handle for its OnStar Service

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With the emergence of technology, the world has changed its shape to 360 degrees. AI has become an integral part of almost every field. Many companies are trying to incorporate AI into their daily tasks. AI has the potential to perform in a better way than a human. In the same way, The use of AI chatbots to handle navigation requests has freed up OnStar motors. OnStar operators are ready to handle more complex tasks, including emergency services.

General Motors has found a new, advanced way to capitalize on generative AI. The automaker now uses Dialogflow, a talking chatbot from Google Cloud, to facilitate non-emergency OnStar features. On Tuesday, the company said, “The company is using conversational AI chatbots to handle simple OnStar calls, freeing up the service’s human employees to address more complex requests.”

According to GM, the collaboration alongside a keynote from Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai at the following Google Cloud event. Regarding the use of AI, To coincide with Google’s Cloud Next presentation, GM provided further information on how it can effectively address complex queries. In collaboration with the digital behemoth, GM has worked on OnStar and Google’s built-in infotainment system.

General Motors, the leading automaker, launched its OnStar Interactive Virtual Assistant in 2022. Google Cloud’s conversational AI has been powered most innovatively by intent-recognition algorithms that power OnStar, GM’s in-car concierge. Thanks to advancements, it can now give drivers answers to frequent questions like routing and navigation assistance. The OnStar Interactive Virtual Assistant uses Google Cloud’s conversational AI technologies to assist with common inquiries, including navigation and routing assistance. Moreover, General Motors is trying to incorporate generative AI in other fields in its vehicles. 

Mike Abbott, GM’s executive VP for software and services, states, “Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize the buying, ownership, and interaction experience inside the vehicle and beyond, enabling more opportunities to deliver new features and services.” In addition, he also states,” Our software-led approach has accelerated the creation of compelling services for our customers while driving increased efficiency across the GM enterprise. The work with Google Cloud is another example of our efforts to transform how customers engage with our products and services.” General Motors has extended its collaboration with Google Cloud and now handles more than one million customer queries monthly using OnStar’s virtual assistant. The chatbot has helped OnStar understand a customer’s request better the first time it’s spoken and is capable enough to respond with a “modern, natural sounding voice.

The new advanced technology is finally introduced in the US and Canada in most model year 2015 and upcoming vehicles OnStar. AI is an efficient tool and can be used in various ways. AI is mainly used to handle simple requests like turn-by-turn navigation. However, the OnStar virtual assistant is trained effectively to recognize certain words or sentences that might indicate that any emergency occurs or transfer the call to a trained specialist. 

According to GM’s market research, the shift to AI has decreased wait times and has produced mainly positive responses. Additionally, the chatbot enables OnStar personnel “to spend more time with customers on requests that require a human touch,” as per GM.GM is no stranger to generative AI and plans to incorporate it in other ways. Earlier this year, the company mentioned planning to use chatGPT to help vehicle owners find information in their user handbook. Moreover, it will also embed it in program functions such as garage door code. Or integrate schedules from a calendar. 

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