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New Google Meet AI Will be Able to Attend Meetings for you

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Google Meet Duet AI
Developed to catch up and remember the important points discussed in your meetings, Google Meet ‘Duet’ feature can also be used to save you the trouble of attending meetings

Google unveiled a bunch of new features at its Cloud Next conference held today, an interesting one of which was Google Duet’s new abilities, which are advertised to be so good that you might never need to pay attention to meetings and even skip some of those boring ones.

Once released, these features will allow Google Duet to be able to take notes in real time simply after a user clicks on the ‘take notes for me’ button.

Google has also announced a feature that will provide users with a mid-meeting summary, allowing them to catch up on the meeting in case they join it a little late. Users will even be able to talk privately with a Google chatbot, asking it about important details that might have been missed during the meeting.

Users will also be able to get summaries for all their meetings and even save them in a Docs file, which can even include video clips from important moments of the meeting.

Utilizing the power of AI to boost productivity, these tools can go a long way in making corporate and professional lives easier and allow employees to be present in the moment rather than be busy spending most of their meetings struggling to write down instructions and trying to understand what’s being conveyed at the same time.

Google competitors Microsoft and Zoom have also thought of AI based summaries to be a good idea and have released their own versions, however, considering AI is prone to make mistakes, Google will have to build a feature that earns quick trust.

Duet ‘Attend for me’ Button

Apart from its ‘take notes’ feature, Google also plans on equipping Duets with another feature named ‘attend for me’, which allows users to bail out of meetings, sending their AI assistant to attend the meeting and discuss and present points that the user wants to discuss.

Attending meetings and conveying all important points, the feature is a great tool for workers in the higher management who can be caught up in more than one meetings at a time or even workers who cannot attend a meeting due to an emergency.
But what if all users simply ask Google AI to attend their meeting for them? Well, in that case, Google will automatically end the meeting.


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