Getting to Know the Teams at Startup Weekend Peshawar: Day 2

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Startup Weekend Peshawar is now heading towards the final stage where the teams will pitch their ideas in front of esteemed judges. Things are getting intense as the teams prepare for the battle of startups tomorrow. Meanwhile, we decided to find out more about the 10 teams that have gotten shortlisted. The AppJuice team came up with three questions that we asked each team so that we could get to know them just a little bit better.

  • What is your startup idea?

  • What will you do if you win Startup Weekend Peshawar?

  • What is the best thing you like about Peshawar?


sms-prescription– SMS Prescription wants to make mobile app that connects the doctor, patient and the pharmacist. The doctor would be able to text the prescription to a nearby pharmacist and the patient will be able to collects the medicines by showing the code, generated by doctor mobile app. This will not only legalize the use of drugs and medicines but also help pharmacist to understand the prescription written by the doctor. Unnecessary use of medicines can be avoided as well.

– We will work on establishing better patient doctor connection and eliminating problems that arise due to miscommunication.

– Chok e Yadgar is the best place in Peshawar. Makei Rooti and Saag are our favourite foods.



– The startup intends to provide a Sphere (360) view of places across Pakistan allowing people from within the country as well as outside it to view the beautiful places in Pakistan. This can help promote a positive image of Pakistan in the international industry and boost tourism.

– If we win, we would like to go and cover the historical places in Pakistan which are in abundance. We have a rich heritage and lots to show the world.

– Islamia College is a great place to visit and if you come to Peshawar, you have to eat Chapal Kebabs!



– The startup aims to give people in Pakistan to continue studies online. The lectures will be uploaded on the website and available free for every student. The team intend to implement online courses similar to those hosted by big international universities like Cambridge and Harvard.

– If we can implement our idea, we can start covering a variety of courses and generate revenue as well.

– Well you should visit UET Peshawar and the Stadium Park. Don’t miss out on Mutton Karahi and Peshawari Kulfi.




– The startup wants to give students an access to a complete, coherent list of Universities in KPK allowing students to filter universities according to their needs including choice of course, university expense and distance from home.

– The barbecue is the best part about Peshawar and the Chapli Kababs are to die for! Also do visit the Mahabat Khan Mosque.

– The idea is inspired from MeriTaleem and we want to take our startup to that level but it will be focused on local Universities. We are still looking for ideas to enrich our work.


– Namaz Detector will be an Android App which will automatically change setting on your phone at the time of prayer. It will switch the mobile phone to silent mode when the user is praying. Automatic replying to texts can also be enabled with this app.

– We can go and develop this app and add more features to it so that users are facilitated in their everyday life.

– Peshawar is home to great Karahi.



– Hadi is participating alone in the competition. His idea includes a car kit which can be installed in any car. The kit is designed to ensure the car keeps at a safe distance from other cars, thus preventing accidents that occur because of the car getting out of the path.

– Winning would allow me to work on my project and make this dream a reality.

– Khisakhani Bezaar is a major historical place and a must see part of the city.



– Sharjakar will be a platform where the local craftsmen from KPK region will be able to sell their handicrafts to a local and international audience. The items sold will be of a large variety including the traditional shoes, carpets and utensils.

– The idea can be extended to cover all regions of Pakistani promoting traditional craft and giving local people a chance to earn money.

– If you come to Peshawar and don’t eat the Mutton Karahi…you miss out on great food!



– The idea is to create an application that will alert the users about traffic blockages and help suggest alternative routes. It works on a social principle where users will help update the information in real time.

– We can develop the application and add abilities to compute statistical data which can then help traffic management in the city.

– We love the Kaboli Pulao and Peshawari Kulfi.


website-analysis– The goal is to start a website that will help provide in-depth analysis of websites and provide valuable tips for improving their ranking in Google Search.

– Once we start the project, we can also generate revenue through our services.

– Do visit the Peshawar University and the IT Centre.



– ENGEECON startup idea revolves around empowering women. Many women who get professional degrees are unable to work in the field because of issues at home. This startup will allow them to record lectures online and earn money while using their degrees for a good cause.

– We want this startup to see the light of the day. There is a lot of work to be done and if we win, we would only be getting started.

– The hospitality of Pashtuns is unmatchable. Museum of Peshawar is a great place to visit.


– is a bidding website for pakistani people somehow related to OLX,  But the team plans on working like a middle man for payments and delivery in pakistan.

These teams will head for the final challenge tomorrow where they will present their ideas in front of judges and try to convince them of the worthiness of their startups. Tomorrow is when we will find out the winner. Stay with us to find out, and while you are waiting, don’t forget to follow TheAppJuice on Twitter for live updates.

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