Google announces Incognito mode for Maps

Written by Faisal Saeed ·  57 sec read >

Google has announced the Incognito mode for Maps, the feature which was first launched in the Google Chrome will now be available in the Maps as well. It will allow users to use their apps without having their data linked back to their Google account.

You could always use your Maps privately while launching the Incognito mode in your Chrome browser, but with this dedicated option inside the app, it will become easier to use than before. By tapping on your profile icon, you can choose the “Turn On Incognito Mode” option and the app will stop tracking your location and search data.

With this privacy mode turned on, the places you search on your Maps and navigate to won’t be linked to your account, and a gray bar will appear at the top in addition with the usual icon in place of your account profile photo to display that you have gone into Incognito mode.

Furthermore, Google is also making it easier for users to find out what kind of data each app is collecting from you in the first place. You can access this information by tapping on your profile icon in Chrome, Google Assistant, search, News, YouTube, and Maps. After tapping on your profile icon you will a “your data” option which will allow you to control how long Google can store your information in their servers. If you want to know how you can change settings regarding your stored data read this article here.

Google hasn’t announced the exact date of the arrival of this model in Google Maps, but it is definitely coming soon.