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Google entertained 13% of Pakistani government requests for users data in 2016

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Google has today updated the Transparency Report on government requests for user data for the first half of 2016. According to the report, globally, 44,943 government requests were made for over 70,000 accounts during the first half of 2016. Google responded with required data for 64% of the requests.



The same report mentions that government of Pakistan made 8 data requests with 10 user accounts specified. 13% of these requests were fulfilled by Google. India made 3,452 requests and 55% of the requests were entertained. The United States made the highest number of 14,168 requests with 79% fulfillment rate by Google.

The number of data requests, when compared with Facebook, appears to be very low. The government of Pakistan made almost 500 data requests to Facebook in the second half of 2015. While Facebook has not yet released the data requests for the year 2016, it is expected that the number of requests would be higher in number.

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