Instagram arrives on Windows

By TechJuice on
October 14, 2016
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Instagram has unveiled its application for Windows users, more specifically Windows 10 tablet users. The application is also available to download for desktop and laptop users with limited functionality.

According to the official press by Instagram, for tablet users, it includes the basic features Instagram Stories, Direct and Explore. Additionally, users will be able to capture, edit and share their pictures directly through the tablet devices. For PC, laptop users, this application requires a rear camera and a touch screen, which majority do not have. It might come as a bummer for brands and media organizations, who would have loved to edit and directly share their pictures on Instagram. But frankly, the application has very limited usage capabilities on desktop and laptops.

It can be expected that Instagram will work further to make the application fully compatible with desktop and laptops. Till then, you will have to suffice with the current version.

You can download and check out the application here.

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