Google Maps may soon get a feature that can save you money or even your life

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June 11, 2019
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In its efforts to keep users safe while they are riding in a taxi or availing any ride-hailing company’s services, the search giant Google is testing a new “off-route alert” feature for Maps that will notify users every-time their cab gets sidetracked from the intended track by 500 meters, as reported by XDA Developers.

Initially, Google is experimenting with this feature only in India. Google Maps’ off-route alert feature comes handy when you’re not familiar with a particular area your driver is passing through and you might not notice that he is not following the shortest route probably to charge more fare. The feature would even prove to be a life-saving one if your driver has some other evil deed in mind.

On detecting a wrong route, Google Maps would not re-route the driver, instead, it will send alerts on the users’ phones about the change in driver’s plans. However, as for now, it remains to be seen if users of Google Maps in other countries are also getting the test “off-route” feature or not.

Moreover, no official details about the experimental feature and when it will be available worldwide have surfaced until now. It will be intriguing to see Google make this available in the emerging markets like Pakistan as well just to keep cab drivers honest.

Google has been continuously adding updates in the Maps lately. From adding Metro Bus routes to showing direction for bike riders in Pakistan, Google Maps is being customized with various useful features according to local needs.

Image — Android Central

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