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Google Meet Introduces 360-Degree Virtual Backgrounds

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  49 sec read >
Google Meet 360 degree Background
Built to make Google Meet more immersive, the 360-Degree virtual backgrounds will move alongside the user using the phone’s gyroscope

People who use Google Meet on their mobile phones can now access some amazing 360 degree virtual backgrounds. Using the gyroscope technology on mobile phones, these virtual 360 degree backgrounds will move alongside the user thus giving viewers a more immersive and realistic experience.

Imagine attending a meeting with a virtual background and the background moves as you start to take a walk, sounds amazing right?

Already having a large collection of amazing meeting backgrounds, Google Meet will now also include a number of different 360 degree virtual backgrounds.

While the concept of a virtual background sounds quite interesting, many users are criticizing the new feature saying that it will make virtual meetings distracting and make viewers lose their focus.

The current options for the 360 degree backgrounds includes places such as temples or beaches, which are places way different than an office or a work from home setup.

Apart from introducing the 360 degree background, Google Meet also rolled out new
emoji reactions, this includes heart, thumbs-up, party popper, clap, joy, astonished, thinking, cry, and thumbs-down emoji.

The introduction of features such as the 360 degree backgrounds and playful emojis makes Google Meet more interactive and allows better communication on the platform.


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