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Google Launches ‘Reader Mode’ for People With Dyslexia and ADHD

Designed to aid reading, the reader mode is free of any photos or videos, which helps user focus on...

Mar 29 · >

Google Meet Introduces 360-Degree Virtual Backgrounds

Built to make Google Meet more immersive, the 360-Degree virtual backgrounds will move alongside the user using the phone’s...

Feb 20 · >

Zoom Fires Over 1300 Employees as Pandemic Growth Spike Comes to a Stop

These 1300 employees amount for around 15% of Zoom’s 6,700+ workforce One of tech’s most blasting successes, Zoom became...

Feb 8 · >

You Can Now Use Cartoon Avatars on Zoom

The innovation does not stop here, zoom will be bringing a vast options of facial features, hairstyles and customization...

Jan 6 · >

Best Apps For Free Video-Calling in 2022

Thus, if you live far away or do freelance- work, it can be difficult for you to do face-to-face...

Aug 8 · >

Google Meet now lets you know if you’re causing an echo

If you have ever been in a Google Meet call you may have heard a user’s voice echo or...

Aug 24 · >

Google Meet Now Allows Users To Add More Co-Hosts, Limit Screen Sharing, And More

Google is bringing new features to its video conferencing tool i.e. Google Meet. These features are to bring about...

Aug 13 · >

Google brings Google Meet to Gmail for iOS and Android

Google has made their video-conferencing application, Google Meet, now available on iOS and Android devices via their Gmail application....

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Jun 18 · >

Google’s video chatting app aims to compete with Zoom

Google has officially announced that it’s releasing a free version of Google Meet, its video conferencing platform. Earlier, it...

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May 1 · >