Google might kill URLs in mobile search

Written by Ali Leghari ·  53 sec read >

Google is reportedly working on a new system that will eventually kill URLs in mobile search. The company hasn’t confirmed whether they are actually killing off URLs or if they’re just testing a new way to display URLs.

According to a media outlet, Google’s search service was showing some odd results as it was not displaying the URLs of the pages. Instead, it was just showing page title and a thumbnail of a featured image from the site.

This is highly possible that Google is trying to make its user interface clean and friendly for users across the globe.

Google, just a few days back, has killed its instant search feature from Google search, which it introduced back in 2010. The feature before being terminated from the platform was helping users display search results in a query box in Google search.

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Besides killing URLs in mobile search, Google has redesigned the news feed for its mobile search app. The new update will now show stories and links to users based on their search history.

The company has also updated its Gboard platform for iOS users and is now offering YouTube and Google Maps tabs in the keyboard. With the new YouTube tab, you easily send videos without the need of opening a new app. Similarly, with Google Maps tab you can send your location to anyone by just tapping the G button and dropping a Google Maps link into the conversation.