Google mocked Apple and then killed the headphone jack from its own phones

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Pixel Buds

When Apple announced the ‘courageous’ move of killing headphone jack at the launch event of iPhone 7. It was mocked at.

The other smartphone manufacturers, including Google, made it a point to mention that their phones are coming up with 3.5mm headphone jack and that Apple hasn’t made a good decision. Google, in its Pixel introductory video, took a jab at Apple by saying that the Pixel device comes with a ‘3.5mm headphone jack satisfyingly not new’.

Google Pixel diss Apple

Now here we are again after one year and Google has quietly followed the footsteps of Apple by removing the headphone jack from its newly launched Google Pixel 2 devices. It has announced its own wireless earbuds named as ‘Pixel Buds’. When these buds are paired with an Android Phone with Nougat version or higher, Android Assistant becomes available.


For music controls, you are required to tap on the earbuds whereas for activating the voice assistant you swipe across the right earbud.

The box of earbuds is used to charge this wireless pair. On one charge, the buds can give you 24 hours of music.

Overall, the Pixel Buds look neat and stylish. Right now, nothing can be said about their sound quality but once the devices start rolling in, we will review them for our users.

Pixel Buds cost $159 and come in blue, white and black. Pre-orders start today!

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