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Google Now Blurs Sexually Explicit Images by Default

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Users who do not want the browser to blur explicit image results can simply go into their settings and turn off the ‘safe search’ feature

Google has just received a new ‘SafeSearch’ update which will blur all explicit, violent, sexual images in the search results. First planned back in February, this feature is now rolling out for all Google users around the world.

According to the company, this image blurring feature will be turned on by default for all users, even the ones who do not have ‘SafeSearch’ enabled, therefore all users who do not want the browser to blur explicit image results will have to go into their settings and turn off the feature.

Release of this new SafeSearch feature is a part of larger ‘Google Search Initiative’, which according to Google will ‘help you stay in control of your personal information, privacy, and online safety’.

Google as a part of this initiative has recently released another amazing feature named the “results about you” dashboard, which allows you to request a removal for personal information such as explicit imagery or even sensitive details.

Working to make the search safer for children, Google has also added access to parental controls directly from the search interface, making the whole process easier for parents who are not very tech-y.

While Google continues making its search option safer, it is also equipping search with AI technology inorder to compete with browsers such as Microsoft Edge. Currently being released in India and Japan, Google’s AI search will show accurate text or visual results or even summaries in exchange to user prompts.


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