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Heroes of PTCL

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As temperatures continue to drop, Pakistan currently faces one of the most severe winters ever witnessed. While the north breaks record worth 25 years, cities of the south too have gotten a taste of climate change this year. However, what has come through as a silver lining in these weather conditions is the smooth flow of internet and telephone services. Citizens all over the country enjoy easy access to the digital world and beyond without any disruptions. The question is how?

The simple explanation to this is the dedication and hard work put in by the technical teams of PTCL. Extreme weather conditions and difficult terrains do not seem like a hurdle for these technicians, who continue their work despite heavy snowfall and strong winds even in mountainous areas. They are seen making efforts to ensure that people across Pakistan remain linked with each other and the rest of the world. 

Whether it’s Quetta, Swat or even Chitral, PTCL strives to maintain its presence everywhere through this brave team. Being the biggest service provider in the country, it ensures that its network remains updated and maintained for services to be provided to customers in both urban and rural areas of the country. They can do this largely through their courageous workforce that PTCL takes great pride in. 

To acknowledge the efforts of the teams, PTCL celebrates their work in the far-flung areas by showing their gratitude and declaring them the “heroes of PTCL.” Their aim is to keep the country stay connected under all circumstances. Being a national company, they are committed to serve the people of Pakistan and provide them with a future that remains bright even if the weather is dull.

Written by TechJuice
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